Sunday, December 6, 2015


credits to Sister Krisubanu for witnessing my loneliness
Overdose by EXO cause My companion is super good in dancing that song ha ha ha! Anyways! we had an awesome week, our room was locked because theres something wrong with our door knob! and yes helpless! we decided to proselyte without bags and money! HAHA! we just have  THE BOOK OF MORMON! and we were laughing and had lessons and oyms! so we realized that we dont need other things! as long as we have our own testimony of the Savior and ofcourse we have the Book Of Mormon to share it to everyone! We dont need to excuse ourselves if we dont have everything in the world! We can still preach the gospel without these things! you can open your mouth! you can share the restored gospel! you can share the other testament of Jesus Christ which is the Book Of Mormon! SOoooo yeaaah! open our mouths! Forget ourselves and go to WORK :)

Love yall!

-Sister Dula

community park! with our new missionary "Sister Natividad"


PRIDE! lol!


and theseeeee..

1 month pepsi drinks! ha ha! killing me!

Alrighty! my last transfer cycle! last checking missionaries! haha

my new babe! haha

another bee in my life ha ha ha!

Hmmmmmmmmm! :)

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