Sunday, November 15, 2015


Ola amigas! :-) Its been a long time i didnt update everything about my mission lol! Well, im still alive and getting busy busy in my last weeks of my mission. I was with Sister Cocker and we talked about a lot of things and we caught ourselves thinking when we were in premortal existence :-) And i think of one person that means the world to me :-) Sister Cocker shared his dad's story about it and it was interesting! And i find it true as well! Cause I found one too here on the mission! yahoo! and must find the others! :-) We had our meeting last first friday of the month and it was awesome! Obedience brings blessings! and I testify of that! I find happiness in obeying His commandments and mission rules :-) Im not perfect but i will strive to continue to find happiness here in this mortal world! :-)

So, yeah! One last time of my dear friend in premortal existence and here in mortality and forever din! I said to myself! Wow! Time is gold! As i sat there in the room where our meeting was, I was looking at the clock and said to myself, later itll be goodbye na! And I was hurting deep down! and i was like wow! My Spirit must have been waiting this long to meet her long lost friend! LOL! Memories will be treasured FOREVER! dahil naniniwala talaga ako sa forever bwahahahaha!

HAD A CRAZY EXCHANGES with Sister Cocker :-)
Lovest thou me fever was the BEST!

with Sister Mejia! Shes an inspiration!
a humble and sweet sister
i must be like her! lol!
shes the BEST! :-)
okay our companions are wearing florals and black tops lol!
black vs. white? lol!want suapaia BACK! hahaha!

with my buddies!


date date din kung minsan lol!

with mah batch sister nulud..



we had magandang Pday today! yohoooo!

Trying to play rugby. If Suapaia was here
they cant beat her! hahaha..

Its me,
Sister Dula <3

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