Monday, October 5, 2015

Zone Pday with the best ZONE ever "BATANGAS ZONE"

Hello Nanay, ates, Emanon! im sending letters to you guys! Emanooooon! ha ha ha! So, we had meeting last week and it talks about charity and love and enduring to the end so i would like you to read this nalang, yeah! reading assignment kay Emanon ;) here's the link ;)

Love it! Cant tell how happy i was in that meeting! and The Spirit really is a good teacher! I know that enduring to the end will lead us to true happiness! "eternal life" I know that Our Father in Heaven wants us to learn andgrow here in this world and to finish strong and return with Him with honor :-) So let us be STRONG! Use the power of the Atonement of Jesus Christ :-)

Love yall! ;)

I celebrated my 15 month mark with my beautiful kabahay! I love them! they miss me too much that they dont want me to go to San Pablo to attend the meeting lol! :-)

Pictures here :-)

the heck? ha ha!
with sister aquino <3
love love love them
my POPOYS :-)
i told them that i have my bogs
bawal na, popoys nalang sila! lol
Badge up!
yeah thats why we are one :-)

Its me Sister Dula!
the only Sister Dulaaaaaaa!

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