Sunday, October 11, 2015


my kambal! ha ha

recorder ha ha! for P25 lang!
Hello tawos! ha ha! Di ga? i love buko roll? because of breaking my heart? Sister Velasco took me to Rainbow sweet in Calapan :-) where i fell inlove with blueberry cheese cake! BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE!!!!! BLUEBERRY CHEESE CAKE!!! :/ I want to make it! but i dont know how! Anyways! We had wonderful exchanges with Sister Velasco and Sister Gupit! second time na! wohoo! probably my last exchanges in Mindoro too! but it was FUN! we unwind first for just 20 minutes in this beautiful zoo where i met Carlo and Carlota ;) Yes! i played with carlota! i love tigers already! i didnt know i can play with them! and it was showing affection by tryin to rub its face to mine but it was sad cause it was in a cage and i cant even reach carlota :'( but it was fun though! its like having a dog around lol! Carlo was huge!! oh wow! twas my first time to see a tiger in my 23 years of existence! wow im old! ha ha! i never must have mentioned my age ha ha! All of the sisters was referring their brothers to me, Its kinda like receiving a referral! i got 6! ha ha! ;) should i contact them all? ha ha ha! one stole my heart i mean attention! lol! ooppps! its satan's trap ha ha ha! joke lang!

The conference was so awesome! that one of our investigator came and felt the Spirit when Pres. Monson talked. It was an amazing feeling too! I love it! well! i cant update all of it but i can tell that it was an amazing experience ever! :-) I love the Mormon Tabernacle! love it! love it! :-)

Just be a light to everyone! Im included ofcourse! he he!
Love ya!

-Sister Dula inin

socks day
they cant go outside if they will not wear socks ha ha!
my comp? ha ha

oh oh a a!

inaway ko siya and it said:
it screamed! PAAAANGEEEEEET!

my baby carlota! ;)

motto namin sa school! lol!

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