Sunday, September 20, 2015

Zone Conference

Yo! Hello Emanon, Megan and Nanay and lahat nala! :-) Heres my beautiful companion Sister Casila, :-) She's from Ormoc pala, so she'll visit me every week dapat sa bahay! ha ha ha! I told her that she must come to our house lagi nalang! So shes the best ofcourse! syempre! :-) We had our September Zone Conference!! last one nalang next! bahahaha! It was fun there! Ive learned a lot of things that I must work on pa din! It doesnt mean Im old here Im magaling na! But still im setting goals so that I will progress! Yeah we are still a trainee here in this lovely world :-) must learn a lot of things, fall short, stand again and fall, stand and fall la la la! haha yes! Focusing doctrines is the most important thing teaching people and especially resolving concerns, yes! Emanon! We will study doctrines! ha ha ha! training time my baby! Im excited yohooooo! Expounding the scriptures/lessons is making it simple and clear not EXPANDING the whole thing :-) because im exercising my patience, sometimes im being frustrated if the lesson is suuuper long! but yeah yeah! PMG 10 says that discouragement weakens FAITH! :-) We know the 1st principle of the gospel is "FAITH" how can you strengthen your faith? Ofcourse Faith is not just believing and acting?? Hey you you must accept the Atonement in your life! Believe, Apply and accept it! Lets nourish our faith by searching, pondering the scriptures and ofcourse applying what youve learned, though imperfect beings? lets use The Atonement wisely! wisely? cause sometimes we're like! ah its okay! the power of the atonement is REAL! so i guess ill repent later! it means you really dont understand the power of The Atonement if your giving this kind of excuse. Alma 13:27 basa EMANON! ha ha ha! whole chapter nala! do not procastinate the day of your repentance! ako din! ha ha! Love yaaa!

Its me yes! only me!
-Sister Dula

my indonesian best buddy!
Sister Krisbubanu :-)

The Pabebe girls! ha ha ha!

with Sister Estamante!
Loveeeee her!

with Sister Calizar :-)

with Suapaia's baby and apo lol! :)

Suapaia with my baby and apo too! ha ha!
poly swag! lol.

Pics heeeere! :-)

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