Sunday, September 27, 2015


Pday? Pepsi day?
cleaning time!

Yo! Emanon! cleaning time namon yana na adlaw! ha ha! so??? ikaw gihapon
we had photoshoot ha ha!
ha! So! i checked my email right now! received mission mail ha ha! My name is there for outgoing missionaries! I cant believe it! Im scared! or excited? LOL! anyways! last week was Fantastic! Our district had baptism! Yahoo! we were so happy! cheers! It was a good feeling seeing them made covenants to Our Father in Heaven and their testimony was so strong! Sister Annaliza is sooo good! :-) from the first day we met, it went so well, Her family supported her and how i wish Sister Suapaia was here, she misses her. I remember when we met her, she was kind of shy and she said "if ill be impress magpapabinyag ako" and me and suapaia danced so that shell be impressed! lol! and first meeting was great! I extended wrong date lol! but it doesnt matter right now! :-) Love love love it! so please email me nalang! Im so sorry I cant update that much but ill hand you my journal soon! hahahaha joke im gonna read it nalang ;)

Love ya!

PS: My first companion will sing at womens conference! yahooo! not solo, ofcourse nasa choir! lol! miss her..

-Sister Dula

Zone training meeting!

with pabebe girls ha ha!

Green Team!

Our cool district

Baptism of Annaliza and Ian :-)


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