Monday, September 14, 2015


Cute pic right? Yes beasts reunion ito dito LOL! Anyways, We had wonderful meeting and it talks about short but powerful lessons! even because He lives statements are so poweful! how much more for a 5-10 minutes lessons? :-) 5 minutes lesson can make people's life change! :-) Being a missionary you must be humble enough to rely by the Spirit, cause we can consider ourselves too good at doctrines and other stuffs. But as you rely by the Spirit not by your own knowledge and strength, Youll both be edified! I love that feeling having the best transitions as a companion and short but powerful lessons! Even youre not a missionary right now? you can still apply what you have learned here in the mission! think twice! youre still called to the work! its not the end yet! Please share your testimony and especially our unique message "The Restoration" :-) hurting in my part, where i just looked at this person who change my life and taught me to be strong, live my testimony, being united in everything! the meeting was all reminding us of how AWESOME we did as companions lol! though prideful aketch ngayon! I can say it was the Best ever to be with her! I want her back! hahahahaha! but yeah im happy na. Heavenly Father's plan is a perfect plan, so i will not murmur! ha ha! :-) Ive learned a lot for our 2 cycles together and will apply all of it in my entire life!!! yohoooo! Have goals for this cycle its achievable naman ha ha! but im laughing at my goals! ha ha! go hard or go home? lol! yeah iiiiiiim so hard! oh yeah yeah! ha ha ha! where ya at? where ya at? email me! dont worry about me okayyyyy! i came to win to survive! to prosper! to rise! TO FLYYYYYYYYYYYY! hahahaha!

email me nalang!

my bebekoi with her new missionary Sister Hanipale :-)
poly swag huh? ha ha!
Im a grandmum! yeah!

The bagyo batch! :-)

yeah im from taiwan! im a ninja!
thats why i have NINJA MOVES!


we came to WIN! lol!

helping me to RELAX!


sissy is in HOGSMEADE! :(
i must apparate! merlin's beard!
shes got butter beer!!!!!!
excited to be there in 3 2 1 lol!

And i got three more months til enero? LOL!
la la la la!
im just tryna make it back home til wednesday! ha ha ha!

-Sister Dula

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