Sunday, August 9, 2015

Shawty is a 10

we didnt plan for this!
floral top and brown skirt!
hahahaha! that companionship tho!
but we're not comp na dyaaaaan :(
My sweetest companion ever! she took a photo
of this rottie just for me! :)
before she doesnt like dogs, but now?
she loves dogs :-) miss her! :'(
now im breaking!
By The Dream. I miss Sister Su'apa'ia! yun lang ang masasabi ko and I composed a song for her! Anyways! Meet my new companion Sister Casila from Ormoc City! shes cool and my mom here sa mission! hahahahahaha! We have madaming miracles in our 10 oyms everyday :-) So thats our faith challenge for this month of August and report it everyday to our District Leader, yeah! out of 10 OYMs we got 1 potential investigators! which is good :-) I know that Heavenly Father will soften their hearts to the gospel of Jesus Christ. I read kanina 3 Nephi 20 and it was so cool, It talks about Abrahamic Covenant. And I love verse 26, it says there that "The Father having raised me up unto you first, and sent me to bless you in turning away every one of you from his iniquities; and this because ye are the children of the covenant." I know that one of our greatest blessing is Jesus Christ. :-) So, Lets Follow Him :-) Mahal ko kayo!

-Sister Dula

Whooops! A letter for my beautiful companion :-)
Just to congratulate her wedding wohooo!
because i love my companion
hahaha! dont laugh! yes i made sandwiches!
the heck! companionship breakfast!

Okay words of wisdom by sister dula ha ha! So, Because we are missionaries, We must FOCUS on the Lord's work! Satan is deceiving us to worry about the future and deceiving ME that its okay to plan and think about it but it was all wrong! he just wanted me to not focus on the work. Im thankful for my companion that helped me to open my mind! She shared Alma 39 that "I must cross myself in all these things" its funny it talks about LOC but she connected it to the things that is bothering me! Im thankful :-)

Lookie here! Im their Tita! ha ha! :-)
It was so awkward when i was talking to
Sister Cocker and asking her if she plays
rugby, dance and loves music ha ha!
I asked that too to Sister Tzanis,
And i found out that Sister Su'apa'ia
is only one lang hahaha! Im LOKA!

she said that im PANGET because I didnt
sleeover sa San pablo sisters haha
she hates me here, I kept on saying
I love her and Im sorry hahaha!

calling me NAY? ha ha!

Baha kahapon!
this is the DRAMA of Sister Krisubanu!
hahahaha she was dancing and
stepping her laundry, and we caught her!
hahaha me and Sister Vaka was laughing hard out!
Okay! i miss her! shes the best of the best of the BEST!

That companionship unity oh! :)

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