Sunday, August 23, 2015

Punted Bread

im broke!

I love Buko roll! i love it! and i had a dream of it before going to Mindoro,
I wanted it so badly, craving for it so badly! and as we stepped in Calapan Port, I told my comp! "Yahooo! Tara lets BUKO ROLL! went there and tah dan! WALAng Buko roll! I was sad, never talked to my copmanion. he he!, felt weak and it was wed-fri! no buko roll! Sister Estamante told me that I assumed so bad and ended BROKEN. She related it when it comes to boys, LOL! funny talaga siya! Anyways, I was with Sister Calizar and shes awesome and magaling. Even madaming questions he he! go padin :) shes 2 weeks palang but has this courage to talk to EVERYONE! I was not like that before ha ha! I was a scaredy cat! meow! Shes dedicated talaga! wow! and I worked with Sister Estamante! It was Fun fun fun! its like working with a 7 months missionary not 7 weeks! ha ha! shes awesome and I was stabbed by the Spirit here oh in my heart by her powerful testimony! grabe! POWERFUL! I love them soooo much! My companion said: "you really love new missionaries sister dula" and i just smiled! they inspire me, they are my great example in missionary work :-)


im a bad teacher! ha ha! lets go
BRITISH! haha! sister you are proud of me

lets meet the big waves! wohooo!
with Sister Calizar
with Sister Estamante!
I love Calapan Sisters! I love them! yes we had language study! and i had a video! we all had british accent! hahahaha.. im so sorry, dapat eh north american eh! but I miss HARRY POTTER! and guess whaaaaat! Sister Velasco is not a MUGGLE! shes a witch like me! not a mudblood! but we're pure ones! haha and the sisters called us "weirdos" we quote harry potter and talk everything about harry potter! shes the second missionary ive met that is a HP addict haha! we kinda relate it to the work and yeah, heres my letter to her hahaha! Sister Casila 6th companion is me and she said: im lucky my husband knows how to play guitar, compose songs, sing and dance crazy, and a weirdo. LOL! oh no! they said if you have your 6th comp. your husband will have same personality as your 6th comp. i guess i must choose my 7th companion! hahahaha
a howler for sister velasco! lol! joke lang!
Okay! this is my idea! obviously! hahahahaha!
Nanay! Ate! Emanon and Megan! while we were talking outside with my companion i saw this two creatures! lol! i thought it was a mice! i looked again! It was chicks! quack quack! nope! a bird chick! haha! not dragons! horntail! haha.. remember? when i had king fisher chicks back home? i miss poo rak :/ i rescued them and we searched their nest and yeah! shooot ko sila doon! hahaha! :) 
poo rak the second!

A great week , stormy week, tidal waves week lol!
while traveling back to batangas, it was so scary! and I went outside and i was thinking! Merlin's beard! im going to dieeeeee! i ran inside and I asked my comp: "Sister Casila! Do you know how to swim?" and she said: Ofcourse naman! and i told her to come with me outside and i said Sister Loooooooooooook! we're riding big waves! and I want a lifejacket right now! She said: "Sister Dula! di mo pinanuod ang instructions noh! wag kang kumuha kung hindi pa nag alarm!" i was like wooops! i didnt watch it! hahahaha.. O sister dula, o ye little faith. but i went outside and pray to Heavenly Father! :-) Hala sige pa! Im so sorry Nanay! haha If you are here! you will chase me and stop me to go to Cebu! but still i will ran and go to Cebu even its dangerous. Oooops! nanay! i didnt know kasi my bagyo! hahaha but im okay right now! going to send you some pictures next monday through LBC! have it framed esp. im going to send pics with my bestbuddy! hahaha :-)

heres my dramatic photos in Mindoro!

Sisssy! you rock and you are the best! i cant sleeeeeeeeeeep! hahaha! sorry my table is always MESSY! hahahaha!

Keep rockin guys! email me if you miss me:

killing me! i miss our companionship!

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