Sunday, August 2, 2015

Emotional Transfer Day. . .

Okay! the day she said goodbye! :-( weird week with her cause she was sick because of separation anxiety! ha ha! toddler stage lang te? But yeah. We were sad and we felt like its not transfer day! and we just said okay we will feel this later. I miss her! The most sad moments here in the mission is when your companion leaves you. . . ouch! I cant write everything about how we met at MTC, trained together and telling each other we will be kabahay or companions and yeah we end up being companions! And I learned about living and sharing my testimony to everyone because she is a powerful woman wohooo! woman? ha ha ha! NOT EVEN! well? I love this sister so much! not because shes my companion but i love her cause she is my sister! Im so grateful that Heavenly Father puts us together to learn from each other and be ourselves in doing the Lord's work! I will miss everything about her! waaaaaaaa! Anyways we still had that goal to reach the faith challenge this month! Wohooo! And we will still see each other every month! ha ha! yeheyyyy! Our last companionship prayer was at the terminal, We prayed for gratitude for our companionship and there we ended our companionship and yeah! as we opened our eyes everyone was looking at us felt the Spirit i guess? :-) tears are everywhere! ha ha! the most emo transfer i ever had! my heart was beating so faaaaaaast! I told her i dont want to look at her so, I took her on the bus and i missed her ha ha! and i came back and surprised her and sat beside her for 15 mins ha ha! im doing stupid things sometimes! haaay naku! WE had many miracles experienced like everything na! she is the best talaga
! :-)

To have the best companionship ever
the secret is to LOVE them :-)
and youll have the best companionship EVER!

Love love
Sister Dula

PDAY is:
Pepsi and Panda DAY :-)

with new kabahay and with our investigator :-)
Sister Su'apa'ia turns into a
RUGBY ball hehehe :-)

the sweetest and touching thing that
my companions will ever do
is to buy me the biggest pepsi
and the others maliit lang!

See you again mem!


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