Monday, July 6, 2015

Sister? am i sweet?

My companion asked that question and i just said: uhhhhhhhm, i dont know sister? and she said: Cmon Sister Dula! we've been companions for 2 cycles! and you dont know! and i was thinking about the things she did that is sweet and Sister Vaka came and said: You guys are sour! LOL! Oh no! ha ha! Anyways, We had FUN this week, we had awesome district meeting and we sketch or draw our favorite story in the Book of Mormon and it was like kindergarten! But it was good! yeah! Its my 1 YEAR MARK as a full time missionary! but no no PARTY! ha ha! me and my beloved companion will celebrate our 1 year mark on the 17th cause we met our first companion daw? cause if its by area, I arrived in marinduque the 18th, so no no! fair and square sa 17th nalang! ha ha! anyways, we went to wawa, met some cool people, we had followers! kids! and i just said: umuna na kayo. and it was 4 meters away from them and we ran and we lost them! ha ha! and we met a deaf and dumb woman and we OYMed her, yes! sign language! we tried our very best to communicate with this beautiful daughter of God, and it was a good feeling, even though we tried our best to communicate with her, the message we are trying to tell her that God loves her so much :-) looking forward to meet her every saturday :-) though some people were rejecting us? No one can stop us to share the gospel :-)

Yes! we have the Power and Authority to preach the gospel! but as you...
KEEP your COVENANTS it will give you POWER and as you
MAGNIFY your CALLING it will give you AUTHORITY :-)

Highlights for this week were:
1. Love me like you do song played in my 1 year mark in wawa
2. we saw a man playing and tuning his guitar and my companion said: tune it for him
but i didnt! cause itll make him embarass ha ha ha! i will not!
3. me and my companion were clumsy and its killing us! clumsy cause we're inlove ha ha!
inlove with imaginary guy ako yun! sya meron! ha ha!
4. lean your head on me ha ha! and practicing walking on the isle "a thousand years"
5. My companion is soooo good in WARAY WARAY! shes the best ever! she can understand
our conversations with a waray waray tao! he he :-) and she killed the accent din!

District meeting! i enjoyed reciting D&4 and standard
fot truth, ako lang ang may energy to recite that with action!
ha ha! I remember when i was in Marinduque! recite with
Feelings! and it was FUN! but right now? i feel like im crazy lol!
but i cant stop! no one cant stop me! ha ha!
with Elder Leon

ha ha! hindi po short hair na! :)
trim lang!

practicing na for our wedding!
ha ha ha! neighbor is playing:
a thousand years

happy 1 year sister!

as requested! "Little do you know",
stay with me and love me like you do
ha ha ha!


1 year! hooo! itong bahay na ito?
playing "love me like you do"
so tambay lang muna ha ha!

lets go!

from a member ito! wow! ha ha!
i had a quiz para sa kanya sabi ko:
sige nga! ano full name ni dumbledore?
ha ha ha!

with Izzy! hooo! instagram stalker ko! haha!
tapos pinapakita niya lagi mga pics ko sa kin.
sabi niya: SISTER DULA! ano ito!
i was embarass! sabi ko! oi ija! noon pa yan ha!
hahahahaha :)

2 cycles, 3 cycles, half way uwi na siya!
ha ha ha!

with sister edna! :-) malamig kaseeee!


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