Sunday, July 19, 2015

I'll find you

Hello Family and Friends! Kamusta na kamo? So, I had a dream about Tatay yesterday! There's a tsunami coming and i was so worried about him! We were at the old house and what I did was I emptied the 2L bottle of Vinegar (weird?) ha ha! and emptied the 2 jugs of water that will serve as his "LIFESAVER" and one thing I said to Tatay was: "I'LL FIND YOU" i was crying, i knew that we will be separated for the meantime but I promised to him that ill find him! wow! It was so emotional bam! I miss Tatay lang :(
We had exchanges again in Mindoro and It was FUN! i learned a lot from the other missionaries! They are dedicated! They remind me of myself! ha ha! just joking! Mindoro is on FIRE! cause the missionaries are on FIRE! Theyre really concern about the welfare of the souls of their brethren and sisters and I learned to be MORE dedicated! because of that! we find joy and happiness serving the Lord. 

This is Sister Velasco:
So we had FUN! and our best moments were:
1. Only exception song by paramore played and we both are a fan of this band
2. We guessed each other's name and I named her "ANGELYN" and she named me "ANTONETTE" hahaha! she said that my name doesnt match me. LOL!
3. MAGGOTS! ha ha! all the food in MCDO even the party area, we called it maggots! kinda long story about it! ill share it next time! ;)
4. She cant use her words lol! she said: Si Sister Dula. . .  5x 

This is Sister Gupit! The best! :)
1. dated on the beach lol!
2. When i react on her studies she said:
3. and then we find people that needs to be found lol!

Me and my beloved companion visited this member and they always pray at night as a companion and we asked them what blessings they received because of praying as a companion, The husband said
that our love grows! they are old but they still love each other. And then he said to his wife: I love you ma! infront of us and there was silence. Me and my companion were touched and we looked at each other and we can see each others eyes that we were like about to cry ;) We felt their LOVE! and it makes us HAPPY! So? If love can bring happiness? WE SHOULD LOVE ALL THE PEOPLE THAT SURROUNDS US!

Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ loves you! I know that you feel their love every single day! let us make our family, friends and everyone feel our love towards them even by SMILING and saying I love you :) I know It will mean a lot to them!


Yep! its me again!


practicing being a teacher! ha ha!

The Cranstons! I love them sooooooo much!

The magandas!

its her smile talaga! i copied her lang hehe


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