Sunday, July 12, 2015

Decide the LEGACY that you will live

Okay! We had a meeting and mission tour with Elder Ardern and his wife. And it was so amazing listenig their accent! he he! well, my companion is a kiwi so she has that beautiful accent! I asked my companion to say: and so and no! Its maganda! ha ha! But anyways, We talked about preparing to lead and teach by the Spirit.
1. Prepare spiritually
2. Develop Christlike Attributes
3. Develop Teaching Skills
As we strive to do our best to develop these
three we will surely become a "Master Gospel Teacher"
I love it! love love love it!
serving 18 months? 24 months? these experiences cannot be re-lived! We can look back on how we serve through writing our uplifting experiences in our journals. This is a great profit for our children :)
what if? trio kami? ha ha!
I dont know what will happen?
BEASTs loka! ha ha!
Yeah, we talked about marriage again he he! and yes! mission prepares us to the next level: marriage! So, im doing my very best to be worthy to the man that i will marry, whoever he is? i will love him till eternity! Im not worried about it! Heavenly Father is preparing him to find me! ha ha! well? We will find each other soon! If i will have my eternal companion I will not experience TRANFERS! di ga? So right now, because im a missionary i must FOCUS on the Lord's work and never worry about the future! Worry about today! worry about the children of God that thirsts for the gospel of Jesus Christ! :) I wish you were here to experience what Ive experience this week. I cant write all of it ha ha! Basta it was a fantastic week! :)

Im here because, The Lord wants me to be here :)
We talked about transfers and companionships and  Im so grateful that I have my wonderful companions that helps me to become a better person! One of my previous companion emailed me and I was soooooo happy to hear from her! :) I was playing mountains to climb earlier and i thought of her and yeah i received an email fro
m her! ha ha! AMAZING! :) Love yall! yow yow!

-Sister Dula

Yeah! we were all eating in Mcdo and we reminisced the day when we went to the mission home and others, they were all laughing at me cause they left me all alone! but i said the wait was worth it! :) 12 hours of waiting but i have the best 12 weeks in my whole mission! ;)

Reminiscin! The Bagyo Batch ha ha
These two are going home and teasing me theyre leaving me! ugh! but one person didnt say goodbye even she was leaving! these two kakainis lol!
im leaving you
-Sister Taufa

ha ha ha! iiwan na kita
-Sister Lorente

My bebekoi! <3
when she was walking I said:
ha ha ha! she was so shy!

Sister stevens! :) miss her so much!
im always teasing her! ha ha!

The cool sisters lol!

nanays magcompanions
anaks magcompanions
theyre next! ha ha!

they always say:

we love wacky pose so?

we're happy because we look like
grown ups?
look like lang! ha ha!
but in our heart:
we are young and free ha ha!

yeah its me!
Sister Dula!

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