Sunday, June 21, 2015

What makes you happy in the mission?

 My companion asked me this inspired question! And i said i guess what makes me happy is going to work or having spiritual experiences and I asked her the same question and she just said: "Im grateful for our companionship and it makes me happy." I was touched! And I just smiled! I love my companion, shes the most important person in the whole world! I learned it from her lola that whoever your companion is, shes the most important person in the whole world cause Heavenly Father gave it to you :-) Its a gift! Wow! Well, This week we called it: BEAST MODE DONT CARE WEEK, I got that quote from my favorite volleyball team ha ha! Beast mode because we enjoyed teaching, oyming every person we meet and yeah we broke a record in our entire mission "just us" not our mission ha ha! "our record" and we are so happy! We werent tired at all! Why? because we have fun in our journey! :) Last saturday was "BABIES DAY" cause every house that we visit, they have a baby! and we were like? hmmmm... Anyways, One couple shared their secret in their marriage, The husband said: Sisters, Our secret is paying tithing and Heavenly Father provides us what we need and we are happy, whatever happens, even the money left in your pocket is for your tithing, just pay it! just have faith that He will give you what you need! Wow! Their testimony was so strong that made me cry lol! My companion laughed at me after that lesson, loka siya ha ha! but its okay fair and square cause she cant see in the dark, i guide her to the muds and mini floods ha ha! I love her syempre..

I know that by our short but powerful testimonies, we can touch people's lives and make them remember that we are loved by our Heavenly Father :)
I know according to our Faith we can witness mighty miracles!

Love ya all!
-Sister Dula

are you wondering why i have a tattoo? cause im SAMOAN na! ha ha! this is our companionship tattoo because we love each other! ha ha!


District meeting before TRANSFER DAY!
TRANSFER DAY! awww :( We turn our backs cause we know how
it feels like to miss our trainers! what? masakit! the
trainers always cries ha ha! except for me and my comp :)
our babies cried :) we are warriors!

Bata day!

It wants food! bakit ako? im not your mum! ha ha!
I make this dog crazy everytime i sees him ha ha!

Oh no! this baby likes me! she totally likes me! haha
She smiles when i played guitar and sing lullaby
for her :) and she crawled and she wanted that
ill carry her, oh no baby! bawal pa :/
im so sorry and she cried ha ha! and
when we said bye, she was looking for me..
awwwwww! :/
i love them! theyre the best!

Aww the sweetest sister angel ever!!!!!


Flower girls! ha ha! Its Sister Su'apaia's mum's favorite flower :)

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