Sunday, June 7, 2015

See you again

It's been a long day without you, my friend
And I'll tell you all about it again when i see you again
we've come a long way from where we began
Oh, I'll tell you all about it when I see you again
When I see you again
-Whiz Khalifa

Im going to miss her! waa! skype
nalang soon! ha ha!
Okay! This song is super maganda! makes me miss my companions and mission friends! Its been a fun and tiring week syempre! and I was with my sisters in ZION! tah dan! We went biking, dance and laugh! They are the BEST! well? three sisters will be going home this coming transfer day! And Im going to miss my STL! Sister Rasmussen! Waaa! Its sad! Shes the best talaga! I had fun being with her and having awesome days with her! ha ha! Well? this is life then! Ill see them again for sure! :) Anyways, It was a happy day for us all! Im happy being with them and yeah! Theyre my sisters for eternities!

Im so happy having member friends! It was so different from the outside world! I love being with missionaries and talking with the same standard! Surely, I will treasure memories! I love Our Father's Plan and im so proud that iam His daughter! Im so happy that I got to know His plans for me and for all of His children. Even we're not all perfect, He sent His son Jesus Christ to rely on the enabling power of the Atonement! Im glad that I have hope in this life and because of The Atonement I will be with my family and friends forever! Im so grateful that I got to know my fellow sisters here in the mission! They helped me to remember WHO I AM! :) Well? thanks to YOU! yes YOU!

my sistahs in ZION!

My bestfriend! Sister Lorente

me and Sister Abubo
I look up to her talaga!
she's super kind! ako? kailan ba?

awwwwww! Sister Rasmussen!
My favorite Sister training leader in
the whole WORLD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
love love love her super!

my favorite elder in the entire mission!
Elder Bryson! ha ha!
ako daw ang pinuno ng kakulitan sa
Batangas! woooops!
awwwww! My District in Marinduque! 

My servants! Im princess! ha ha!

my pinaka mamahal na kasama!
Great minds think alike!
ha ha ha ha ha

You know a girl? her name is:

Sister Dula

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