Sunday, June 28, 2015

Play or Preach?

Hello sa inyo?
Tah dan! i opened my pepsi! i was
so happy talaga! i ran upstairs just
to open this! ha ha! its been 8 months!
bringing this with me :) next:
vita milk bottle frm. my 2nd companion
PREACH. So we went to this place called Wawa and we were trying to find members there, asked people and OYM! ha ha! gotcha! anyways, i saw pool tables so there are 3 pool tables and the middle walang players, yes yes yes! youre right! you know what im thinking! ha ha! I said to my companion: "Sister? tara lets play! im serious!" And we went there and approached the owner and she said: Oh ! you preach that guys! they need it! and we looked at each other and i said to my companion: but i want to play :( but yeah we end up teaching the owner and it was extraordinary! we felt the Spirit and she felt it too! she said she got goosebumps because we told her that she is a "good daughter of Our Heavenly Father" :) I love it! Heavenly Father wants us to preach not play! ha ha! My relationship with Him increases! I know that He is there for me, and He corrects me instantly! :) dahil im thinking stupid things ha! sige.
                   PLAY. We visited one member and after our lesson, i saw this bamboo recorder and i asked where did she got it and she again showed me her recorder and i said whoooo! I want to play! and i played maliit lang cause i was using my shirt to cover the mouthpiece cause its not mine he he! my companion said: "go play the guitar" and i got mind freeze ha ha! so they got the guitar and i tuned it and the kids were like sister play this play that and i played for them and the house became a "music room" and the kids were so cute! they were singing! basta cute! i was so happy! and my companion requested "star ng pasko" and we all sing it! next time ill make sure i have children
songbook with me :) Sharing talents makes me happy! We brought happiness in that lovely home! :)

Share your talents and Share your testimony to all :)

Love ya'll!
Sister Dula

kiss kiss!

DOLPHINS! WAIT! lets go to marinduque!

detour! ha ha! creepy beach resort!

Pride of our hearts ha ha!
Guitar and Rugby ball!

 Okay my companion has this "post guitar fever" so she borrowed our neighbor's guitar ha ha! and
I taught her favorite song: apple of my eye. hala sige! and she said she wanted to marry who
knows how to play guitar! good! ako din! ha ha! dapat lang!



oh this is Jarom! :) he is so quiet!
I hope my future kids will be quiet too!
he he! NOT EVEN!

okay, he wanted a hug lagi sa akin
dahil mabango daw ako ha ha!

Boom! :)
me, Sister Su'apa'ia, Sister Tubil, Sister Vaka


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