Sunday, June 14, 2015


Hello Family!
Pday kanina lang!
               My week was superb! you know why? you know why? Because we had madaming meetings! and I was overwhelmed with the Spirit! ha ha! yes! I lost my cool walang ya ka tin! ha ha! But because of the meetings that we had! Cool down na! and im striving to be humble like tatay! I had a dream of tatay, so im printing tatay's picture and put it on my table! he's my inspiration! Ano ba an nahitabo hadto? Yesterday was the area broadcast and the speakers kept on talking about typhoon yolanda! and I was crying! ha ha! eww! diri! I was being emotional lang! ha ha! Im proud to be a FILIPINO! well, i told my companion that she is lucky to have me because im loving! ha ha! we Filipinos, give our all to show our love! di ga? they must get use to it! we had our special zone meeting! And our AP asked me this: "What is the most important choice you can make in your life?" akon baton: Plan of Happiness! Temple Marriage! ha ha ha! what the heck! Well yeah! I had my personal study after that day! my revelation ako! ito: my priorities: 1. Marry 2. study/work ha ha ha ha! But anyways im tired ngayon, I just played basketball with my district cause others are getting transferred! Anyways! I gotta go! ginugutom na ako lagi! Pls. give my love to the members of our ward and high five sa mga preparing to serve a mission and sa mga nasa field na din! One missionary emailed me, di pwede! study dotcrines muna sila! no flirtings! ha ha! prideful ako! bangin MA-APAL ako ha akon kartehan!
Its Independence day!

I know we can be THE ONE!
And as we give our all to Our Father in Heaven
He will bless us abundantly!

Paki say hi to EMANON! im thinking of him always! I dont know why! ha ha! I miss the pasaway boy! tapos big boy na ngayan inin na manon! namimiss ko hi manoooooooooooooooooon! Pls. make him read this:

Dear Bayot Emanon,
                 ha ha! Ikaw akon companion pag-uli ko, we will study Book of mormon everyday and have companion study kay hi ate damemei waray companion pa! ha ha! ikaw la anay okay? pakiyakan kan megan na mas mahusay ako kesa ha iya pero mahusay geapon hiya! ha ha! sige be gwapo always!

Sister Dula
My companion is proud to be PINAY!

Area broadcast yesterday with Sister Koi!
shes transferred! waaaaa :(

Here's ate's request! President and Sister Mangum :)

lola, nanay, anak ha ha ha! lola taufa! bawal yan!
but its fun calling them like that! ha ha!

Proud to be Pinay!

with Sister Tubil from CDO siya!
Pinoy style kami ha ha!
Ingat kamo!
Love love love love,
Sister Dula

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