Sunday, June 21, 2015

Happy Father's Day!

The one who wants me to go on a mission when i was 16, The one who makes fun of me, The one who tells the whole world that im his bunso! The one who treats me like a princess, the one who sings me lullaby, the one who hugs me everytime im sick, the one who gives me piggy ride! even im malaki na! ha ha! the one who treats me every 27th! the one who complains "POTTER POTTER NANAMAN"? The one who asks silly questions to my sister, the one who tells nanay to come home because he misses her, the one who dances when the music is good, the one who takes me to school, the one who waits for me every 5pm, the one who boasts that he is a kind "daddy" daw?, the one who teases me when nanay got mad at me, the one who comforts me when im crying, the one who teaches me to understand everything, the one who reads the scriptures every afternoon and i ran and disturbs him or annoys him or asks a lot of questions! the one who understands my mood, the one who is worthy, the one who loves me for who i am and the one who is so proud of me right now because im here on my mission :) and He's my INSPIRATION! I love tatay so much! And i will be sealed with him and nanay soon..... yeheeeey! Happy Father's Day to all! :) Look up! Heavenly Father is so proud of us! He loves us!

Fathers are the BEST! Theyre sent from on high to nurture and love us :)

-Sister Dula

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