Saturday, June 6, 2015


Hello family and friends! Sister Dula is not on facebook! We dont have time for that! Busy busy for the Lord's work! My friend is the one who is using it because she is sending me pictures and stuffs. and she is updating the blog, Let's be grateful! Dahil some people are missing me! ha ha and they wanted me to update my life and this is an opportunity to share my testimony! Wohooo!
DONT PANIC! Im not pasaway, the only pasaway i will do is to dance crazy on the streets and jamming sa malls! ha ha ha! CHILL! yes! I played with a band sa mall! i cant control myself because of the drums kasi! tempting me! but I repented yesterday! he he he! 
We just look like we're crazy right? BUT! We are united in everything! Thats why this companionship is so SPECIAL! yes! its super special! We understand each other, we teach each other and love each other! We are sisters! Im so happy that i have the chance be with her companion! Anyways, The miracles that had happened this week was BRT with others and it was awesome!! Although I exploded for the very first time here on my mission, I was comforted by my leaders, companion and My Father in Heaven. I realized that I have to control myself and understand every situations that are happening, Well yeah! Impatience is selfishness! I was? ba? ha ha! Yeah i guess.. Anyways, Because of the power of the Atonement I was comforted and my relationship with Our Father in Heaven increases! Prayer is the only way to communicate with Him and He is the great LISTENER! I know that He understands even we are not perfect, He loves me, He loves you, He loves all of His children. The only way to feel that Love is to pray sincerely! As you pray sincerely, your relationship to Him will increase and will help you live the gospel of Jesus Christ.

My lesson for this week:
"Judge not according to the appearance, but judge righteous judgement"

hmmmmmmm. :)

Well? Enduring to the end is not that easy po! But I will STRIVE!

Funny moments:
One missionary said to me:
I LOVE YOU SISTER! and I laughed so hard! We were like evaluating kasi,
I was super laughing talaga! I guess it was rude di ba? But im controlling! he he!
My companion and I always laugh, she said panaman
sister dula: mockery is a sin
but i kept on laughing and gave her sour gum he he!
I love her ha ha ha!

there's other missionaries out there
so im ready to shoot them! ha ha ha!

im not trunky! Im just counting months!
and realized that WOW! im old!
with my buddy! Sister Vaka!
Frustrated and tempted Sister Dula!
she could have run outside!
but she chose to

playing in the rain? he he he!

Love love love,

Sister Dula

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