Sunday, May 31, 2015

No pain? No gain?

Okay, Okay. Crying for my sore legs! because of football :( But anyways, I had fun with Sister Walters. She's the best, We had this experience where this man called me: Sister Dula! Alam mo ba ang greatest gift of God? And i was answering in my head: eternal life? and then he said: Sister Dula! GIFT OF LOVE! and the whole lesson he was mentioning gift of love over and over again! ha ha! I cant stop laughing. It was nice yeah! and they wanted me also to speak waray waray and I shouted: MARAOT KAMO! and then they said what does that mean? I giggle and said: pangit kayo? and i laugh and they laughed as well. Well? even it was a bit hard to hike up and down, the best remedy was the mangyan bread called buko roll! wooo! :) Missionary work is the greatest work you will ever have! you are working with your fellow beings to come home to Our Heavenly Father! What a great opportunity to serve with these people! Surely, Ill miss this feeling, I dont want to talk about going home where you guys always mentions it in your email! cmon guys! youll see me soon dont rush! he he! Ill be the same person but the spiritual side is a grown woman! yeah! Anyways, This experience here in mindoro was awesome but the only problem with me is I miss my companion! ha ha ha! Sister Su'apaia texts was crazy telling me im maraot! ha ha! Next day, We are able to attend district meeting and It was cool because it was focusing on Baptism! yeah! Baptism is the first covenant we made to Our Heavenly Father! It is an evidence for my love for Him that I will be obedient in my entire life! It is a sacred promise not just a promise that is made to be broken! The power of the Atonement can help us to change everyday, brings us hope in this life and helps us in our imperfections! I love practice teaching where the Spirit is so strong! I love the Savior cause I know he's everywhere! And we just need to FIND HIM everyday! I want everyone of you to FIND HIM always! HE LIVES!

Okay! I love boat rides! I love being an explorer! Heavenly Father really loves me! He knows what makes me happy! yeah! my first area was in Marinduque and i have boat rides too! BUT! my first companion and I didnt had the chance to see dolphins flippin! But right now! I had the chance to watch Step up 5! Cmon! friends! ha ha! We were crazy when we saw parris goebel! Sister Su'apaia is a dancer as well and she's from new zealand and yes she knows the beast! "Parris" yeah! Our assigned seats was at the front! and we are at the front of that TV! haha! We wanted to sleep but yun! step up 5 was there to tempt us! ha ha! it was cool dance moves syempre! And we were happy but! because we are so tired, we took a rest at our apartment and Lookie here! I got a package from my nanay! yehey! Chocolates and candies! yehey! I miss home! i miss the kids! grrrrrrrrrrr! but yeah! Ill see them very soooooon! But right now I cant still eat it cause my upper palate is inflamed! i dont know why! But anyways Im drinking lots of water! Water therapy ata lang itoooo! So yeah guys! I dont know what this blog look like! but please send me email! I miss you alllllll!

This is updated by my best buddy! cause its bawal for us to visit other sites! Love youuus!

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