Sunday, May 31, 2015

How can you make Sabbath Day a delightful experience?

Hello! kamusta kayo?
                  Yeah! Im having weird shoes in my mission life! ha ha! I know im not matching the message :'( But anyways! I love the talks in our stake conference! And its about the"SACRAMENT". Sabbath day is sacred, yes! we all know that! We must remember that Sacrament is an ordinance and this is a repeatable ordinance as Elder Jeffrey Holland state in his talk. We must really understand the importance of sacrament and especially the "Covenants" that you have made. Some of our members of the church treat it lightly, but as Ezra taft benson said: Dont take sacred things lightly, you will be condemned. As I was reading this quote, I caught myself thinking if I take these sacred things lightly, I was guilty! But the power of the Atonement healed me. I know that as you take the sacrament seriously and remember the Savior always, You will feel that he is there for you, You will feel the love of our Father in Heaven and you will grow spiritually and you will taste true happiness in your life! I love you all! Let us always remember the covenants that we have made and The Atonement of Jesus Christ!

Love love love,
                      Sister Dula

I love them both! I miss our companionship! And had a heart to heart talk too! And im happy of their spiritual progress in their mission life! The notes that theyve made inspired me always and when i miss them, I read it and made me smile! Wohooo!

Sister Stevens, me and Sister Koi
Mah babies!

with my bebekoi <3

After 2 months! We finally see each other with my Sister Taufa! We had a drama when i left her in Santa Cruz but it was a happy reunion for the both of us! We talk and talk like 6 hours. Heart to heart talk! yeah! It was a relief when she surprised me and jump and gave me that big hug! I miss that friendship that we had! And yes! Its eternal! Yahoooo!

Partners in Crime! Sister Taufa!

Love love love sister taufa!

I love them! They love each other! And im happy seeing them together! and makes me want to train again! ha ha ha! NO! di na kaya he he he! i just miss my training noon. ha ha!
Cute cute companionship! Sister Oldem with her baby missionary
Sister Guancia

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