Sunday, May 31, 2015


                                                                                            Miss me? then send me an email!

Zone Pday! Yahoo!
           Hello friends and family! Salamat po sa emails! ha ha! I know you miss me! Yeaaaah! Im super duper happy today! i received an email from my bestbuddy here on my mission! She's engaged! yeheeeeey! Well? she knows that im a big fan of them both! ha ha! cause I always find their picture together and put it on her desk! ha ha! Well im excited for them! Yahoo! Anyways! We went to "FANTASY WORLD" but i dont have my broomstick! I feel like im a witch there! ha ha! Anyways! We had a great moments together with some of our zone mates! yohoo! Yes! Crowns up! and i miss dancing! I know that i will be dancing again soon nalang and play guitar! ha ha! So, Imma focus muna cause I covenanted to the Lord that I will devote all of my time to Him! So, please update me always cause I miss you too! you can visit the blog anytime i guess! Please email me! Monday is the checking time my friends! soooo? Ill reply once a week lang, please dont worry about me okay? worry about yourselves! HA HA! joke lang! Im still me okay? Love yous!

-Sister Dula

i miss dancing and shoes!

Ako: Nay? gusto ko magdrive
Nanay: Gusto mo ba mamatay?
hahahaha! i miss nanay!!!!!!!!!!

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