Sunday, December 13, 2015

The generous one

with my favorite missionaries in the whole mission!
weakness: curly hairs lol!
Christmas Devotional was so AMAZING especially as the tabernacle choir sang! Goosebumps because of its beautiful voices and music! it was my most awaiting moment and i love to quote Elder David Bednar talk: "The account of the first Christmas in the Book of Mormon helps us to learn and more fully understand that Jesus Christ is the “light which shineth in darkness” (see D&C 10:57–61). In every season of our lives, in all of the circumstances we may encounter, and in each challenge we may face, Jesus Christ is the light that dispels fear, provides assurance and direction, and engenders enduring peace and joy.
Many of our memorable and enduring Christmas traditions include different kinds of lights—lights on trees, lights in and on our homes, candles on our tables. May the beautiful lights of every holiday season remind us of Him who is the source of all light."
and Elder Utchdorf: "Have we ever felt such pure, unbounded thankfulness? During this Christmas season, and throughout the year, I pray that we will remember the Generous One—our God, our Father, our beloved Shepherd and Counselor.
For He is the Gift-Giver!
He is the Generous One!
When we, His children, plead for bread, He does not hand us a stone.5 Rather, He endows us with gifts so sublime and precious that they exceed our ability to fully comprehend and even imagine. He gives us:
    Eternal life."
My heart melts because of their heavenly message! truly the generous one is Our Dear Father in /heaven that we must follow His example which to give our LOVE to the Savior and to all people. As i ponder and pray the things i was thinking about the future, I now think of the day of my release is the day im gonna ask Our Father's counsel and yeah He will give me what He planned for me. :)

Going home means i have responsibilities to do! which i promise to myself that im gonna work on my eternal salvation which means "TEMPLE WORK" cause i wanted to be with my dear tatay for eternity! been missing him as im getting near to my expiration date lol! but yes! Family is the most important thing in the world! :)

MLC was good and i enjoyed my LAT MLC! hahahaha! :) ive been missing one person she must be sitting beside me but WALA NA! hahahaha! :) but im okay naman! ofcourse! :)
where have you been? lol!

Team BLUE!



im tall!

swimming! yahooo! hahaha 

hopeless lol!

taught them to RA hahaha!

singing beautifully!

So last saturday, they have stake primary activity! mga fairytales! wohoo!

and with Izzy hahaha :)

in my ward! Shrek! :) heres our lil donkey :)

Pictorial for our Christmas Zone Con: hahaha :)

whoooops! hahahahaha :)

This is me!
Sister Dula the Explorer!
ready to go HOME! hahahahahaha

Sunday, December 6, 2015


credits to Sister Krisubanu for witnessing my loneliness
Overdose by EXO cause My companion is super good in dancing that song ha ha ha! Anyways! we had an awesome week, our room was locked because theres something wrong with our door knob! and yes helpless! we decided to proselyte without bags and money! HAHA! we just have  THE BOOK OF MORMON! and we were laughing and had lessons and oyms! so we realized that we dont need other things! as long as we have our own testimony of the Savior and ofcourse we have the Book Of Mormon to share it to everyone! We dont need to excuse ourselves if we dont have everything in the world! We can still preach the gospel without these things! you can open your mouth! you can share the restored gospel! you can share the other testament of Jesus Christ which is the Book Of Mormon! SOoooo yeaaah! open our mouths! Forget ourselves and go to WORK :)

Love yall!

-Sister Dula

community park! with our new missionary "Sister Natividad"


PRIDE! lol!


and theseeeee..

1 month pepsi drinks! ha ha! killing me!

Alrighty! my last transfer cycle! last checking missionaries! haha

my new babe! haha

another bee in my life ha ha ha!

Hmmmmmmmmm! :)

Sunday, November 29, 2015

Goodbye! :(

Hello! A sad, sad week for me! but happy for the batch, i mean my batch going home :) I know they return with honor! Must be sad and exciting! And i miss them! Anyways! This week was so fantastic! Referrals from the members helped us keep going! And one of the referrals came to church and we were soo happy! theres a miracle as you endure to the end! never murmur! just keep going! :-)  I love it! :-) I love being a missionary!


-Sister Dula

pics for this week:

because im the best actress? someone gave us a TREAT!

last sunday of sister rafisura!

i memorized their names! finally! im not confused! lol!

#Beltbags! Til we meet again Elder Daranciang and Sister Rafisura!

Pday with them! :) cleaning time!
new missionary is COMING! wohoooo!


Sunday, November 22, 2015

I miss Sister Su'apa'ia!

Had a wonderful exchanges with Sister Purcell! and shes so good and a great teacher. She melts my heart! We had stake conference and it was so awesome! talks about scripture study and sustaining leaders! and yeah! we must support our leaders and not to focus on their weaknesses cause we?ourselves?and us? are not perfect but if we have problems with people, we must talk with them privately. There ya go! Charity and love must be developed! :-) Well, i dont have anything to update cause im just sad lol! but gonna move forward! im excited! We'll have our christmans zone conference on the 22nd of December! yahoo! Love y'all!

-Sister Dula

Last Pday of Sister Rafisura :)
Had fun at the park and cake frost!

My lovely district!

 at stake conference!

my lil brother got my beast cap! cause im not beast anymore!

with the lokas RM! hahaha

-Sister Dula